Technical Image Press Association

Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) is a European organization of (at last count) 29 top photo magazines from a dozen countries, the editors of which meet once a year at the General Assembly to discuss projects, share opinions, and comment on industry innovations and trends. At these 3-day meetings they vote by secret ballot for the best photo & imaging products.

TIPA Awards

TIPA's highly prized "TIPA Awards" are given to outstanding cameras, printers and other products for both consumer and professional use. TIPA drops or adds categories as it sees suitable in order to reflect current industry trends. A close affiliation with Photokina enables the Awards ceremony to take place directly at the biannual Cologne event during Photokina years.


The winners of the TIPA Awards gain valuable publicity, not only on the TIPA website but in all the participating magazines.

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