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Rectilinear Panorama

Rectilinear Panorama can correct geometric distortions in both panoramic and conventional images. It does this by making multiple transformations of the image in a single pass, hence it does not unnecessarily degrade picture quality. It corrects: barreling and pincushioning, perspective shift and image skewing, image rotation, panorama distortion, and curved horizons.

An easy-to-use wizard interface takes the user through 4 steps: identify distorted lines in the image; choose what will happen to them after processing; define parameters to compensate for the change in object size; and lastly define the cropping area of the finished image.


Most reviewers have found Rectilinear Panorama easy to learn and use, although some of them have criticized the manual for not being sufficiently explicit. It makes an excellent job of correcting for tilt and keystoning, but does not use lens data for automatic correction of lens distortion.

The Professional edition of the product supports both 8 and 16-bit images in RGB, CMYK, Lab and Grayscale (Home edition is 8-bit only).

Tech info

  • Plugs into: Photoshop 4 onward, Elements 2 onward, and many other editors inc. PhotoLine 32
  • OS: Windows NT onward
  • Price level: (Home edition) $70; (Pro) $180

Altostorm Software

Russian developer Altostorm Software maintains an office address in Vancouver, Canada. The Home and Professional editions of Rectilinear Panorama are its current offering.

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