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Tourweaver is Flash-based, virtual tour software for creating tours that are rich with Flash features. You can use components such as video, popup windows, floorplans, hotspots, radar and links to make entertaining and creative tours for real estate and many other applications. It is normally used in conjunction with the vendor's panorama creation software Panoweaver.


This is one of Easypano's best-known products -- still the main virtual tour program despite the introduction of the even more elaborate Panowalker.

In the Professional edition you get the additional feature of being able to brand the virtual tour loading window and Flash progress bar, while also being able to add video to the main window. This software should be on the shortlist of anyone who is intending to make virtual tours for a professional application.

Tech info

  • OS: Windows 2000 onwards
  • Price level: Approx. $800


Founded in November 2001, in Shanghai, China, Easypano is one of the world's leading developers and marketers of virtual tour software. It has users in nearly every industry and has sold its software to over 10,000 customers from 50 countries.

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