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ImagePrint RIP

A complete printing solution, ImagePrint RIP is fully compliant with ICC workflow and has been designed specifically to meet the needs of photographers. Rather than use a PostScript interpreter it has a PTAP (Print Through Application) option that lets you print directly from an image editor or layout program.

ImagePrint's huge range of sophisticated features include: B/W dark room effects, quadtone printing, wide gamut technology, queue management, true borderless printing, embedded profile management, shadow point adjustment, Phatte Black option, an autoprint hot folder utility, automated layout modes, and image layout editing. The latest edition lets you use any JPEG, PSD or TIFF file as a background to other images.

ImagePrint works with the mid-range market of printers including Epson, Encad, Hewlett Packard, Roland, and Colorspan. It can be used in a mixed network environment where both Windows and Mac machines exist side-by-side.


Widely regarded by fine art photographers as one of only three or four options for serious printing (others are StudioPrint and Onyx), ImagePrint RIP has the advantage of running on both Windows and Mac platforms. Experts agree that it takes printers to a new level, beyond anything that can be achieved with standard printer software.

One big ImagePrint advantage is the extensive profile library on which users can draw freely to get the best results for various printer/paper/ink combinations. At last count there were 27,000 profiles for over 400 different papers. It also handles panorama printing up to 100 feet long.

Tech info

  • OS: Windows 2000 onwards; Mac OS X
  • Price level: (small format) $700-$900; (medium format) $1,500; (large format) $3,000

ColorByte Software

Based in Tampa, Florida, ColorByte Software specializes in its ImagePrint RIP software, describing it as "The Complete Solution for Inkjet Printing."

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